Halloween In South central of Colorado

What is Halloween, and what is Trunk or Treat?

The month of October has always been quite festive for the entirety of America with the holiday known as Halloween. The one night a year anybody
of any age can dress up in costumes and or even throw partiesd. Kids go out and trick or treat, while typically teenagers and adults throw parties
at their residences, but down in a town named Florence here in Colorado does a yearly trunk or treat Something for any kid, or teenager
to particepate in. The particepates in this activity go up and down main street with their trick or treat buckets, dressed in coustumes and face
paint collecting candy from the bussiness owners on said street. It's a chance for growth as a community without it being obvious, and it's fun

Further explaination into the Trunk or Treat event

Like stated before trunk or treat is a community thing which involves kids and teenagers mostly dressing in costumes, and face paint
with their buckets, pillow cases, and anything else they want to have candy put into. Who's giving out the candy? Well the bussiness owners of the
bussinesses on main street of course. These owners buy big bags of candy from stores like Wal-mart or City Market, get costumes and more and on the
night of the activity they dress up and hand out candy to all the kids out.

this year's trunk or treat

This year's event has to be the greatest turn out it has had for a while. A lot of kids, teenagers, and even some adults had showed up and went
the round of main street, a lot of candy handed out, a lot of talking, and friends being made. You could not take one step without hearing a laugh
or even seeing a smile on a kid's face. The day after said event everyone who showed up even those who didn't seemed to have much more respect and
care for one another then they did the couple months before hand. This year's trunk or treat was a sucess!!